Birdsong Bespoke is a full-service stationery design & print studio specializing in handwritten calligraphy and letterpress printing.

Areas of Expertise

As a full-service custom stationery design and print studio, our whole process is a collaboration between your needs, wants, hopes, dreams, and my unique artistic perspective and skill. The end product is elegantly one-of-a-kind.

stationery that feels like you

My Mission

Highest quality. Attention to detail. Timing perfection. Artistic expression. 

Every single piece of your stationery collection will be designed and finished with the utmost care. I ensure each and every detail is exquisitely beautiful. My process of designing and printing custom stationery is a discovery journey that takes time, love, and ingenuity. My adaptability and open mindedness to new designs means the sky's the limit and results in an end product that's a lot of you and a little of me. 



Digging deep together to uncover your wildest stationery dreams. 


Pulling from your true essence, each design is unique. Every detail exquisite. 


Translating idea to print with the highest quality materials in the industry.


Stationery encompasses all paper goods and accoutrements. If it can be made out of paper, we can design it. 

Have you ever received a letter, an invitation, or a business card that when you hold it in your hand you think, "Wow, this is incredible." That's my mission. To entice you to feel the textures, uncover the layers, look closer, experience the paper in ways you never have before. To understand the love, care, and attention that goes into each and every piece.


Letterpress Printing

Letterpress is a class of luxury in the paper world that prides itself on the kind of craftsmanship rarely seen these days. 

Letterpress printing dates back to the 14th century when the first printing press was invented. It is a truly handcrafted product with a gorgeous tactile impression on the pillowiest cotton papers. Letterpress is an investment in the artisan's craft and knowledge of the ancient machines. My letterpress machine, Birdie, was made in 1911!



Calligraphy is a honed craft. Each artist's style is truly unique and has developed over years of practice. 

An ancient art form, calligraphy is like a signature -- specific to the artist's hand, fingers, muscle memory. Handwritten calligraphy differs from a digital font because no two letters will ever be exactly the same. It's perfectly imperfect which is the beauty and value of the craft. All of my calligraphy begins by hand, with pen & ink on paper. 


“Elise effortlessly captures the story behind the wedding, adding to the immersive experience for the guests.”

Elise is a rare breed that is intuitive and has a wildly romantic skillset. She is so easy to work with, communicates efficiently and always finds a way for you to be even more excited about the designs. She's also the sweetest soul that just wants to leave everyone around her to be better than she found them.

— nicole konkin, wedding producer

“Elise's talent is unmatched. Stop what you're doing and hire Birdsong Bespoke
right now!!!

I felt SO lucky when I stumbled upon Elise and her work. She created the most beautiful, custom invitation suite and menus for our intimate destination wedding. She worked with our shorter timeline and her communication was 10/10. We could not be more happy with our experience and the final results!

— cassie & mark smith, married 2022

“Elise is a master at her craft! From start to finish, she made me feel supported and heard throughout the design process.

She also has an amazing eye for design! We trusted her choices for styling, and as a result, she created beautiful, memorable pieces. Elise is kind, thoughtful, and extremely talented. We feel so lucky to have added her pieces to our wedding as they were truly a highlight. Thank you for everything, Elise!

— Cat & Scott Klum, married 2022

“Elise is just about the kindest, most communicative designer you could imagine.

With Elise's stunning calligraphy and the gorgeous envelope liners, our invitation suite is elevated to a whole new level. I'm so glad we had the opportunity to work together!

— mairin & pierre legrain, married 2022

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