We here at Birdsong Bespoke only, and I mean ONLY, use paper which is tree-free. What does this mean? Join me in a little story:

When I was a practicing Architect, I longed for clients who valued the earth & preserving the natural environment as much as I do. This might seem like an oxymoron — preserving the earth as we build buildings which disrupt said earth — but it is possible. There were always great ambitions at the beginning of projects but as budgets became tight, the design elements which ensured this commitment fell by the wayside, even as hard as we, the designers, would try to communicate the value.

This very lack of true commitment to environmentalism is one of the main things that eventually led me to leave the architecture industry. 

When I was dreaming of Birdsong Bespoke, I knew I had to be steadfast in my values of protecting the earth, no matter what. 

Today, I am fortunate that the luxury paper market has many options in the tree-free realm. Everything from 100% cotton, recycled cotton, hemp, straw, abaca, bamboo, and more on the rise. This sometimes means I have to advise my clients on alternatives to their original vision for color or weight, but we always find an equally gorgeous option.

Tree-free paper is readily available these days, but envelopes are a slightly different story, especially with the paper supply shortage right now. More on envelopes is coming in a future post, so stay tuned!

We are constantly asking and pushing the luxury paper industry to step up their game towards 100% tree-free. The technology exists to achieve this! Progress takes time and we are excited to continue on this journey. 

Love & Light,

Birdsong Bespoke