Questions & Answers

What sets your products apart from other stationers?

We set out on this journey to provide more environmentally-friendly options in fine art wedding stationery. Here are a few of the distinct measures we are taking:

All paper is 100% tree-free and made of rapidly renewable materials

Envelopes are either FSC certified, made using 100% wind power, made from recycled materials, or a combination thereof

We offset 100% of carbon emissions incurred through our shipping partners

We use only non-plastic, reused, recycled, recyclable, and/or compostable packaging materials

Can I customize my collection?


Bespoke is in our name, customization is our game. We are dedicated to delivering your dream vision.

To see our many options for customization, check out our collection guide. Feel free to contact us with any special requests!

How far in advance should I begin working with a stationer?

8-9 weeks prior to your mail send date

Design & Consultation: 2-3 weeks. Production time: 4-6 weeks. Shipping time: varies.  

This largely depends on any customization and embellishments you choose. During our design & consultation process, we will make sure we capture your vision just right. Here are some general rules-of-thumb for when to send wedding stationery:

Save-The-Dates: 6-9 months prior to the event

Invitations: 2-4 months prior to the event

Thank-You Notes: 4-6 weeks after the event

Do you offer rush shipping?

Yes, of course!  

We will work with you to determine how our products can fit within your time-frame.  

Please note, rush shipping can be subject to increased shipping costs and is not included in our base pricing. Because we want to do our very best work for you, production times cannot be rushed.

How do I know what quantity to order?

First, determine your required quantity by counting households, rather than individual guests. From there, a good rule-of-thumb is to add 20% more to account for any last-minute additions and keepsakes. Due to the nature of our production process, it is quite expensive to print additional rounds after the initial order has been placed. 

The quantity cannot be reduced after the final order has been placed.

Do you provide postage?

Yes we can! 

We source some of the most beautiful vintage postage stamps. We will guide you through the selection process to find the perfect postage stamps to round out your collection. 

Some of my handwritten items have the wrong information. What do I do?

If the mistake is ours, we will re-write the items in question and ship them at no cost to you. Otherwise, our normal calligraphy rate will be charged along with shipping costs. 

Why ‘Birdsong’?

The song of birds measurably reduces stress in people and induces a mental connection to “freshness”. Great feelings to evoke during busy wedding planning!